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Nichole Missino (D’Annunzio) has been doing hair since the age of 17. She started off as a licensed cosmetologist and did women’s hair for 10 years. While working full time she managed to acquire her BA in business administration from Devry University graduating in 2012. After having her first child she decided to pursue another avenue of her skills and went and worked at a high end barber shop where she was trained by amazing barbers on how to straight razor shave. While working at this shop she was able to obtain her barbers license by apprenticeship. She then moved on to work as a master barber at The Art of Shaving where she mastered her craft at shaving. Today she still holds her cosmetology license, barber license and barber managers license.

Nichole Missino


Monday 9-8
Tuesday 9-8
Wednesday 9-8(October-April) 9-5(May-September
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